New single by Prinze George. As far as the entire production is concerned, this was amped up from the songwriting, to production, recording and the mixing. You can check out the making of the song HERE. Click the pic below for the article and to listen. Otherwise, you can stream by clicking HERE. #PrinzeGeorge #Dividends #VMagazine

Soundtoys "Deciphered": Discover the Process Behind Prinze George’s New Single “Dividends.

This may top one of the best moments i've had so far in my career. Being around such talented people under one roof can only produce incredible results. Thank you to Ken, Maggie, Dan, and the rest of my Soundtoys family for making this experience memorable. Click the pic below to watch the video. #PrinzeGeorge #Soundtoys #MixEngineer #RecordingEngineer #Producer

Pat Lok "Might Be On Fire" featuring Sam Fischer

The new single by my guy Pat Lok is out today on Kitsune...Happy to have mixed this with my guy Ricardo Gutierrez on the master. Click HERE for Spotify or HERE for Apple Music. #PatLok #MightBeOnFire #Kitsune #SamFischer #MixEngineer

Keys N Krates "Cura" Dropped Today!

The day is finally here. Both Ricardo and I worked extremely hard on this one. Click here for Spotify or here for Apple. As an engineer getting to mix an entire project and seeing it come to life all the way until the end is extremely gratifying. Hope you all enjoy! #KeysNKrates #Cura #MixEngineer