Tchad Blake 'Binaural Recording' Documentary

I love pushing the envelope and being challenged at the same time when mixing. This is one of the reasons I mix ITB (In the Box). Its almost like starting with a clean palate and using any type of paint and brushes you want. One of the engineers that made me believe its possible is Tchad Blake. I have studied most of his mixes especially since he went completely ITB and I have to say, its mind-blowing. Anyways, I came across this documentary after some digging. Binaural Recording is something Tchad has been advocating for years. Watch for yourself and if you haven't gotten into his work, do yourself a favor and start listening. Happy mixing!

The Digilogue Series: Beginner Reason Workshop featuring Mike Kuz

Attention producers. Mike Kuz is someone who I respect and admire. Not only is he a mega talented producer and engineer, but he's also a very close friend. This event is being held at the Microsoft store Fifth Avenue. If you've been curious about Propellerhead's Reason, then this would be a great chance to see it in action. Please click here to RSVP.

Brooklyn Mixcon 2016

Wanted to let everyone know about this amazing event that I was lucky to be a part of last year. First off, its free, second, you get to see some of the most talented engineers on the planet reveal their workflow. If you are in NYC do yourself a favor and try and attend. This city is alive and well. To RSVP click here.